15 CFR § 1180.8 - Appointment of Agency Liaison Officers.

§ 1180.8 Appointment of Agency Liaison Officers.

The head of each agency shall appoint or designate an officer or employee to serve as the STEI Liaison. The Liaison shall, to the extent authorized by the head of the agency -

(1) In cooperation with the Director, determine what products or summaries produced by the Government shall be transferred to NTIS on an ongoing basis;

(2) Determine which funding agreements are to require contractors and grantees to submit products directly to NTIS (for which purpose the Appendix to this part contains suggested language that agencies may wish to include in applicable funding instruments);

(3) Appoint additional liaison officers for major units or components of an agency if the Director and Liaison officer agree this would further the purposes of this regulation; and

(4) Enter into appropriate agreements with the Director and perform any other agency responsibilities described in this regulation.

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