15 CFR § 2003.4 - Presentation of oral testimony at public hearings.

§ 2003.4 Presentation of oral testimony at public hearings.

(a) A request by an interested party to present oral testimony at a public hearing shall be submitted in writing before the close of the period announced in the public notice for its submission, and shall state briefly the interest of the applicant and the position to be taken by the applicant. Such request will be granted only if a written brief has been prepared and submitted in accordance with § 2003.2. The requirements of this subpart may be waived by the Special Representative, the Deputy Special Representative or the Chairman of the Committee for reasons of equity and the public interest.

(b) After receipt and consideration of a request to present oral testimony at a public hearing, the Secretary of the Committee shall notify the applicant whether the request conforms to the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, and if so, the time and place for the hearing and for his appearance, and the amount of time allotted for his oral testimony, and if not, will give the reasons why the request does not conform to the requirements.

(c) In presenting testimony, the interested party should supplement the information contained in the written brief, and should be prepared to answer questions relating to such information.

(d) A stenographic record shall be made of every public hearing.

[40 FR 18421, Apr. 28, 1975, as amended at 40 FR 39498, Aug. 28, 1975]

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