15 CFR § 2004.23 - How will USTR respond to my Privacy Act request?

§ 2004.23 How will USTR respond to my Privacy Act request?

(a)When will we respond to your request? We will search to determine if the requested records exist in a system of records USTR owns or controls. The Privacy Act Office will respond to you in writing within twenty days after we receive your request, if it meets the requirements of this subpart. We may extend the response time in unusual circumstances, such as the need to consult with another agency about a record or to retrieve a record shipped offsite for storage.

(b)What will our response include? Our written response will include our determination whether to grant or deny your request in whole or in part, a brief explanation of the reasons for the determination, and the amount of the fee charged, if any, under § 2004.25. If you requested access to records, we will make the records, if any, available to you. If you requested amendment or correction of a record, the response will describe any amendments or corrections made and advise you of your right to obtain a copy of the amended or corrected record.

(c)Adverse determinations -

(1)What is an adverse determination? An adverse determination is a response to a Privacy Act request that:

(i) Withholds any requested record in whole or in part;

(ii) Denies a request to amend or correct a record in whole or in part;

(iii) Declines to provide an accounting of disclosures;

(iv) Advises that a requested record does not exist or cannot be located;

(v) Finds that what you requested is not a record subject to the Privacy Act; or

(vi) Advises on any disputed fee matter.

(2)Responses that include an adverse determination. If the Privacy Act Office makes an adverse determination with respect to your request, our written response will identify the person responsible for the adverse determination, that the adverse determination is not a final agency action, and that you may appeal the adverse determination under § 2004.24.