15 CFR § 2006.3 - Determinations regarding petitions.

§ 2006.3 Determinations regarding petitions.

Within 45 days after the day on which the petition is received, the Trade Representative shall determine, after receiving the advice of the Section 301 Committee, whether to initiate an investigation.

(a) If the Trade Representative determines not to initiate an investigation, the Section 301 Chairman shall notify the petitioner of the reasons and shall publish notice of the negative determination and a summary of the reasons therefor in the Federal Register.

(b) If the Trade Representative determines to initiate an investigation regarding the petition, the Section 301 Chairman shall publish a summary of the petition in the Federal Register, and provide an opportunity for the presentation of views concerning the issues, including a public hearing if requested. A hearing may be requested by the petitioner or any interested person, including but not limited to a domestic firm or worker, a representative of consumer interests, a United States product exporter, or any industrial user of any goods or services that may be affected by actions taken under section 301 with respect to the act, policy or practice that is the subject of the petition.