15 CFR § 2011.201 - General.

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§ 2011.201 General.

This subpart sets forth the terms and conditions under which certificates will be issued to U.S. importers for importing specialty sugars from specialty sugar source countries. Specialty sugars imported from specialty sugar source countries may not be entered unless accompanied by a specialty sugar certificate. This subpart applies only to the ability to enter specialty sugar at the in-quota tariff rates of the quota (subheadings 1701.11.10, 1701.12.10, 1701.91.10, 1701.99.10, 1702.90.10, and 2106.90.44 of the HTS). Nothing in this subpart shall affect the ability to enter articles at the over-quota tariff rate (subheadings 1701.11.50, 1701.12.50, 1701.91.30, 1701.99.50, 1702.90.20, 2106.90.46).

[61 FR 26785, May 29, 1996]