15 CFR § 286.7 - Evaluation process.

§ 286.7 Evaluation process.

(a) Each applicant requesting to be evaluated under NVCASE is expected to initiate the process and assume designated responsibilities as NIST proceeds with its evaluation:

(1) Application. The applicant completes and submit a request to be evaluated.

(2) Fee. The applicant submits a partial payment with the application and agrees to submit the remaining balance based on evaluation costs as a condition for satisfactory completion of the process.

(3) Documentation. The applicant operates a system and procedures that meet the applicable generic requirements and specific criteria. Relevant documentation submitted with the application is reviewed by NIST.

(4) On-site assessment. The applicant and NIST cooperate in the scheduling and conduct of all necessary on-site evaluations, including the resolution of any deficiencies cited.

(5) Final review. The applicant provides any supplementary materials requested by NIST, then NIST completes the review and decides on appropriate action.

(b) NIST may take one of the following actions with regard to an applicant:

(1) Certificate. If an applicant fully demonstrates conformity with all program requirements and specific criteria, NIST issues a certificate documenting this finding. Each certificate is accompanied by a document describing the specific scope of the accreditation or recognition.

(2) Denial. If an applicant cannot demonstrate conformity with all program requirements and specific criteria, NIST may deny award of the certificate. An applicant who has failed to complete the evaluation satisfactorily may reapply when prepared to demonstrate full conformance with program requirements.