15 CFR § 287.5 - Responsibilities of Agency Standards Executives.

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§ 287.5 Responsibilities of Agency Standards Executives.

Each Agency Standards Executive should:

(a) Carry out the duties in OMB Circular A-119 related to conformity assessment activities.

(b) Encourage effective use of agency conformity assessment related resources.

(c) Provide ongoing assistance and policy guidance to the agency on significant issues in conformity assessment.

(d) Contribute to the development and dissemination of:

(1) Internal agency policies related to conformity assessment issues; and

(2) Agency positions on conformity assessment related issues that are in the public interest.

(e) Work with other parts of the agency to develop and implement improvements in agency conformity assessment activities.

(f) Participate in the Interagency Committee on Standards Policy (ICSP) as the agency representative and member.

(g) Promote agency participation in ICSP working groups related to conformity assessment issues, as needed.

(h) Encourage agency participation in efforts related to the development of voluntary consensus standards, recommendations, and guidelines related to conformity assessment consistent with agency missions, authorities, priorities, and resources.

(i) Establish an ongoing process for reviewing the agency's conformity assessment programs and identify areas where efficiencies can be achieved through coordination within the agency and among other agencies and private sector conformity assessment activities.