15 CFR § 50.40 - Fee structure for statistics for city blocks in the 1980 Census of Population and Housing.

§ 50.40 Fee structure for statistics for city blocks in the 1980 Census of Population and Housing.

(a) As part of the regular program of the 1980 census, the Census Bureau will publish printed reports containing certain summary population and housing statistics for each city block, drawn from the subjects which are being covered on a 100-percent basis. For these subjects, a substantial amount of additional data by block will be available on computer tape.

(b) The 1980 block data under the regular program will be prepared for:

(1) Each urbanized area in the United States. An urbanized area is delineated by the Census Bureau in each standard metropolitan statistical area and generally consists of a city or group of contiguous cities with a 1970 population of 50,000 or more, together with adjacent densely populated land (i.e., land having a population density of at least 1,000 persons per square mile).

(2) And, outside urbanized areas, for each incorporated place (such as a city or village) that was reported as having 10,000 or more inhabitants in:

(i) The 1970 census, or

(ii) The 1973, 1975, or 1976 official population estimates published by the Bureau, or

(iii) A special census conducted by the Bureau on or before December 31, 1977.

(c) Outside the above-mentioned urbanized areas and places, State and local government authorities will be able to contract with the Bureau of the Census to produce block data for their areas. In undertaking this contract, the requesting authority will be required to pay a fee, supply certain maps, and meet certain time deadlines as follows:

(1) Fee: (i) Population size:

Fee per area
Under 2,500 $500
2,500 to 4,999 600
5,000 to 9,999 700

(ii) The final fee will be based upon the 1980 census population counts. A refund or additional charge will be made if the contracting area is in a different population size group as a result of the census.

(iii) The cost for an area with a population of 10,000 or more will be determined on an individual basis.

(iv) Multiple area contracts may be negotiated at a savings.

(v) The fee is based on estimated 1980 costs. If the 1980 cost exceeds the estimated cost, an additional fee may be requested from the contracting area. If actual costs are less than the estimated cost, a refund may be made.

(vi) Any incorporated place which contracts for block statistics and which reaches a population of 10,000 or more in the 1980 census will have the fee completely refunded, as the place will then be considered to be part of the regular block statistics program.

(vii) If the area submits maps which are not adequate for the Bureau's purposes (see Maps, below) and therefore have to be redrafted by the Bureau, a surcharge of $300 per map sheet requiring revision will be applied to the fee for the particular area.

(2) Maps: (i) In order for the Bureau to provide data on a block-by-block basis, it must have a map which clearly delineates each block. The contracting government authority must supply such maps. A copy of the specifications for preparing the block maps will be provided upon request and, in any event, will accompany the copy of the contract which is sent to the government authority for signature.

(ii) The maps must be furnished to the Census Bureau within 30 calendar days after the government authority signs the contract.

(iii) The Bureau will review the maps and, if revision is necessary, return them within 30 calendar days to the government authority.

(iv) Within 30 calendar days thereafter, the revised maps must be transmitted to the Bureau and, if they are still inadequate and must therefore be redrafted by the Bureau, the above-mentioned surcharge of $300 per map sheet requiring revision will be imposed.

(3) Timing: (i) The contract must be signed, and a downpayment of $250 per area made, by April 1, 1978. A check or money order should be made payable to “Commerce - Census.”

(ii) If an area decides to withdraw after signing a contract and making a downpayment, the cost of work performed to date will be deducted from the refund.

(iii) The balance of the fee must be mailed to the Bureau by January 1, 1980.

(d) In consideration of the fees paid and maps supplied, the Bureau will:

(1) Identify the individual blocks in its records and tabulations.

(2) Make available the block data for the particular area in the same manner as for areas in the regular block statistics program (i.e., both in terms of printed reports and computer summary tapes). Two copies of the printed report (including the printed maps) which contain the block statistics for the particular area will be furnished to the contracting government authority.

(e) Requests for participation in the contract block statistics program or for further information should be addressed to the Director, Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233.

[43 FR 3903, Jan. 30, 1978; 43 FR 59835, Dec. 22, 1978]