15 CFR § 705.7 - Conduct of an investigation.

§ 705.7 Conduct of an investigation.

(a) If the Department determines that it is appropriate to afford interested parties an opportunity to present information and advice relevant and material to an investigation, a public notice shall be published in the Federal Register soliciting from any interested party written comments, opinions, data, information or advice relative to the investigation. This material shall be submitted as directed within a reasonable time period to be specified in the notice. All material shall be submitted with 6 copies. In addition, public hearings may be held pursuant to § 705.8 of this part.

(b) All requests and applications filed and all material submitted by interested parties, except information on material that is classified or determined to be confidential as provided in § 705.6 of this part, will be available for public inspection and copying in the Bureau of Industry and SecurityFreedom of Information Records Inspection Facility, Room H-4525, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230, in accordance with regulations published in part 4 of title 15, Code of Federal Regulations.

(c) Further information may be requested by the Department from other sources through the use of questionnaires, correspondence, or other appropriate means.

(d) The Department shall, as part of an investigation, seek information and advice from, and consult with, appropriate officers of the United States or their designees, as shall be determined. The Department shall also consult with the Secretary of Defense regarding the methodological and policy questions raised in the investigation. Upon the request of the Secretary, the Secretary of Defense shall provide the Secretary with an assessment of the defense requirements of the article in question. Communications received from agencies of the U.S. government or foreign governments will not be made available for public inspection.

(e) Any request or application that is filed while an investigation is in progress, concerning imports of the same or related article and raising similar issues, may be consolidated with the request, application or motion that initiated the investigation.

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