15 CFR § 712.4 - New Schedule 1 production facility.

§ 712.4 New Schedule 1 production facility.

(a) Establishment of a new Schedule 1 production facility.

(1) If your facility has never before been declared under § 712.5 of the CWCR, or the initial declaration for your facility has been withdrawn pursuant to § 712.5(g) of the CWCR, and you intend to begin production of Schedule 1 chemicals at your facility in quantities greater than 100 grams aggregate per year for research, medical, or pharmaceutical purposes, you must provide an initial declaration (with a current detailed technical description of your facility) to BIS in no less than 200 calendar days in advance of commencing such production. Such facilities are considered to be “new Schedule 1 production facilities” and are subject to an initial inspection within 200 calendar days of submitting an initial declaration.

(2) New Schedule 1 production facilities that submit an initial declaration pursuant to paragraph (a)(1) of this section are considered approved Schedule 1 production facilities for purposes of the CWC, unless otherwise notified by BIS within 30 days of receipt by BIS of that initial declaration.

(b) Types of declaration forms required. If your new Schedule 1 production facility will produce in excess of 100 grams aggregate of Schedule 1 chemicals, you must complete the Certification Form, Form 1–1 and Form A. You must also provide a detailed technical description of the new facility or its relevant parts, and a detailed diagram of the declared areas in the facility.

(c) Two hundred days after a new Schedule 1 production facility submits its initial declaration, it is subject to the declaration requirements in § 712.5(a)(1) and (a)(2) and § 712.5(b)(1)(ii) of the CWCR.