15 CFR § 782.1 - Overview of reporting requirements under the APR.

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§ 782.1 Overview of reporting requirements under the APR.

Part 783 of the APR describes the reporting requirements for certain activities specified in the APR. For each activity specified in part 783, BIS may require that an Initial Report, an Annual Update Report, a No Changes Report, an Import Confirmation Report, a Supplemental Information Report, or an Amended Report be submitted to BIS. In addition, persons subject to the APR may be required to provide BIS with information needed to assist the IAEA in clarifying or verifying information specified in the U.S. declaration or in clarifying or amplifying information concerning the nature of the activities conducted at a location (see §§ 783.1(d) and 784.1(b)(2) of the APR for requirements concerning a Supplemental Information Report). If, after reviewing part 783 of the APR, you determine that you are subject to one or more APR reporting requirements, you may obtain the appropriate forms by contacting BIS (see § 782.5 of the APR). In addition, forms may be downloaded from the Internet at http://www.ap.gov.