15 CFR § 782.3 - Compliance review.

§ 782.3 Compliance review.

Periodically, BIS will request information from persons and locations subject to the APR to determine compliance with the reporting and recordkeeping requirements set forth herein. Information requested may relate to nuclear fuel cycle research and development activities not involving nuclear material, nuclear-related manufacturing, assembly or construction activities, or uranium hard-rock mining activities as described in part 783 of the APR. Any person or location subject to the APR and receiving such a request for information must submit a response to BIS within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request. If the requested information cannot be provided to BIS, the response must fully explain the reason why such information cannot be provided. If additional time is needed to collect the requested information, the person or location should request an extension of the submission deadline, before the expiration of the 30-day time period set by BIS, and include an explanation for why an extension is needed. BIS will grant only one extension of the submission deadline. The maximum period of time for which BIS will grant an extension will be 30 days. Failure to respond to this request could lead to an investigation of the person's or location's reporting and recordkeeping procedures under the APR.