15 CFR § 80.1 - General requirements.

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§ 80.1 General requirements.

(a) Data from records of decennial census of population questionnaires pertaining to an individual will be released only in accordance with these rules.

(b) Census information contains only the responses recorded by the Census enumerator; no changes of any of these entries have been or can be made.

(c) Requests for information from decennial census of population records (herein “Census Information”) should be made available on Form BC-600, which is available from offices at the Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland 20233, and Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131; all county courthouses; Social Security Administration field offices; post offices; and Immigration and Naturalization Service offices. A letter request - without Form BC-600 - will be accepted only if it contains the information necessary to complete a Form BC-600. No application will be processed without payment of the required fee as set forth in 15 CFR 50.5.

(d) The Bureau may require verification of the identity of the applicant requesting Census information and it may require the applicant to submit the following notarized statement:

I, ____________________ (Printed name), do hereby certify that I am the individual to whom the requested record pertains or that I am within the class of persons authorized to act on his behalf in accordance with 15 CFR, Part 80.

In the County of
State of
On this ______ day of ________, 19____, ____________________ (Name of individual) who is personally known to me, did appear before me and sign the above certificate.
(S) My commission expires

(e) Except as otherwise provided, Census information will be provided only to the individual to whom the record pertains. It will include the names of the subject and the head of the household, the relationship of the subject to the head of the household, and the subject's age and birthplace.

(f) Similar Census information pertaining to other members of a household will be furnished only upon written authorization of the individual whose record is requested, except as provided in § 80.3.

(g) Census information will not be furnished to another person unless the person to whom the information relates authorizes such release in the space provided on the Form BC-600.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0607-0117)
[40 FR 53232, Nov. 17, 1975, as amended at 48 FR 56744, Dec. 23, 1983; 68 FR 42586, July 18, 2003]

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