15 CFR § 801.3 - Reporting requirements.

§ 801.3 Reporting requirements.

Except for surveys subject to rulemaking in §§ 801.7, 801.8, 801.10, 801.11, 801.12, and 801.13, reporting requirements for all other surveys conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shall be as follows:

(a) Notice of specific reporting requirements, including who is required to report, the information to be reported, the manner of reporting, and the time and place of filing reports, will be published by the Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the Federal Register prior to the implementation of a survey;

(b) In accordance with section 3104(b)(2) of title 22 of the United States Code, persons notified of these surveys and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States shall furnish, under oath, any report containing information which is determined to be necessary to carry out the surveys and studies provided for by the Act; and

(c) Persons not notified in writing of their filing obligation by the Bureau of Economic Analysis are not required to complete the survey.

[85 FR 31052, May 22, 2020, as amended at 87 FR 54887, Sept. 8, 2022]