15 CFR § 801.5 - Confidentiality.

§ 801.5 Confidentiality.

Information collected pursuant to 3104(c) of title 22 of the United States Code is confidential.

(a) Access to this information shall be available only to officials and employees (including consultants and contractors and their employees) of agencies designated by the President to perform functions under the Act.

(b) Subject to paragraph (d) of this section, the President may authorize the exchange of information between agencies or officials designated to perform functions under the Act.

(c) Nothing in this part shall be construed to require any Federal agency to disclose information otherwise protected by law.

(d) This information shall be used solely for analytical or statistical purposes or for a proceeding under § 801.6.

(e) No official or employee (including consultants and contractors and their employees) shall publish or make available to any other person any information collected under the Act in such a manner that the person to whom the information relates can be specifically identified.

(f) Reports and copies of reports prepared pursuant to the Act are confidential and their submission or disclosure shall not be compelled by any person without the prior written permission of the person filing the report and the customer of such person where the information supplied is identifiable as being derived from the records of such customer.