15 CFR § 904.243 - Admissions.

§ 904.243 Admissions.

(a) Request. If ordered by the Judge, any party may serve on any other party a written request for admission of the truth of any relevant matter of fact set forth in the request, including the genuineness of any relevant document described in the request. Copies of documents must be served with the request. Each matter of which an admission is requested must be separately stated.

(b) Response. Each matter is admitted unless a written answer or objection is served within 20 days of service of the request, or within such other time as the Judge may allow. The answering party must specifically admit or deny each matter, or state the reasons why he or she cannot truthfully admit or deny it.

(c) Effect of admission. Any matter admitted is conclusively established unless the Judge on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of it for good cause shown.

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