15 CFR § 904.250 - Notice of time and place of hearing.

§ 904.250 Notice of time and place of hearing.

(a) The Judge shall be responsible for scheduling the hearing. With due regard for the convenience of the parties, their representatives, or witnesses, the Judge shall fix the time, place and date for the hearing and shall notify all parties of the same. The Judge will promptly serve on the parties notice of the time and place of hearing. The hearing will not be held less than 20 days after service of the notice of hearing unless the hearing is expedited as provided under paragraph (c) of this section.

(b) A request for a change in the time, place, or date of the hearing may be granted by the Judge.

(c) Upon the consent of each party to the administrative proceeding, the Judge may order that one or more issues be heard on submissions or affidavits if it appears that such issues may be resolved by means of written materials and that efficient disposition of those issues can be made without an in-person hearing.

(d) At any time after commencement of an administrative proceeding, any party may move to expedite the scheduling of the administrative proceeding as provided in § 904.209.

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