15 CFR § 906.4 - General filing requirements.

§ 906.4 General filing requirements.

(a) Date of filing. Filing refers to providing documents to NAO.

(1) Except for the agency record required under § 906.3(f), all documents filed on behalf of an appellant or related to an appeal shall be submitted to NAO via facsimile. The facsimile number is: 301-713-2384. If the person filing does not have access to a fax machine, he or she may file by regular mail or commercial carrier addressed to Chief, National Appeals Office, 1315 East-West Hwy., Silver Spring, MD 20910.

(2) A document transmitted to NAO is considered filed upon receipt of the entire submission by 5 p.m. Eastern Time at NAO.

(b) Copies. At the time of filing a submission to NAO, the filing party shall serve a copy thereof on every other party, unless otherwise provided for in these rules.

(c) Retention. All submissions to NAO become part of a NAO case record.

(d) Extension of time. When a submission is required to be filed at NAO by a deadline, a party may request, in writing, an extension of time to file the submission, citing the specific reason(s) for the need for an extension. NAO may grant one extension of up to 30 days if an appellate officer determines the party has established good cause for an extension of time, taking into account whether the party timely requested the extension or the extent to which the party missed the deadline.