15 CFR § 930.10 - Index to definitions for terms defined in part 930.

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§ 930.10 Index to definitions for terms defined in part 930.
Term Section
Act 930.11(a)
Any coastal use or resource 930.11(b)
Appellant 930.123
Applicant 930.52
Applicant agency 930.92
Assistant Administrator 930.11(c)
Associated facilities 930.11(d)
Coastal zone 930.11(e)
Consistent to the maximum extent practicable 930.32
Consistent with the objectives or purposes of the Act 930.121
Development project 930.31(b)
Director 930.11(f)
Effect on any coastal use or resource 930.11(g)
Enforceable policy 930.11(h)
Executive Office of the President 930.11(i)
Failure substantially to comply with an OCS plan 930.85(c)
Federal agency 930.11(j)
Federal agency activity 930.31
Federal assistance 930.91
Federal license or permit 930.51
Federal license or permit activity described in detail 930.71
Interstate coastal effect 930.151
Major amendment 930.51(c)
Management program 930.11(k)
Necessary in the interest of national security 930.122
OCS plan 930.73
OCRM 930.11(l)
Person 930.72
Secretary 930.11(m)
Section 930.11(n)
State agency 930.11(o)
[65 FR 77154, Dec. 8, 2000, as amended at 71 FR 826, Jan. 5, 2006]