15 CFR § 960.8 - Standard license conditions for all tiers.

§ 960.8 Standard license conditions for all tiers.

All licenses granted under this part shall specify that the licensee shall:

(a) Comply with the Act, this part, the license, applicable domestic legal obligations, and the international obligations of the United States;

(b) Operate the system in such manner as to preserve the national security of the United States and to observe international obligations and policies, as articulated in the other conditions included in this license;

(c) Upon request, offer to the government of any country (including the United States) unenhanced data collected by the system concerning the territory under the jurisdiction of such government without delay and on reasonable terms and conditions, unless doing so would be prohibited by law or license conditions;

(d) Upon termination of operations under the license, make disposition of any satellites in space in a manner satisfactory to the President;

(e) Notify the Secretary in writing of each of the following events, no later than seven days after the event:

(1) The launch and deployment of each system component, to include confirmation that the component matches the orbital parameters and data collection characteristics of the system, as described in Part D of the license;

(2) Each disposal of an on-orbit component of the system;

(3) The detection of an anomaly; and

(4) The licensee's financial insolvency or dissolution;

(f) Request and receive approval for a license modification before taking any action that would change a material fact in the license;

(g) Certify that all material facts in the license remain accurate pursuant to the procedures in § 960.14 no later than October 15th of each year;

(h) Cooperate with compliance, monitoring, and enforcement authorities described in the Act and this part, and permit the Secretary to access, at all reasonable times and with no shorter notice than 48 hours, any component of the system for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Act, this part, and the license; and

(i) Refrain from disseminating unenhanced data, or processed data or products derived from the licensee's system, of the State of Israel at a resolution finer than the resolution most recently specified by the Secretary in the Federal Register as being available from commercial sources.