15 CFR § 970.512 - Modification of terms, conditions and restrictions.

§ 970.512 Modification of terms, conditions and restrictions.

(a) After issuance or transfer of any license, the Administrator, after consultation with interested agencies and the licensee, may modify any term, condition, or restriction in such license for the following purposes:

(1) To avoid unreasonable interference with the interests of other nations in their exercise of the freedoms of the high seas, as recognized under general principles of international law. This determination will take into account the provisions of § 970.503;

(2) If relevant data and other information (including, but not limited to, data resulting from exploration activities under the license) indicate that modification is required to protect the quality of the environment or to promote the safety of life and property at sea;

(3) To avoid a conflict with any international obligation of the United States, established by any treaty or convention in force with respect to the United States, as determined in writing by the President; or

(4) To avoid any situation which may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of international peace and security involving armed conflict, as determined in writing by the President.

(b) The procedures for objection to the modification of a term, condition or restriction will be the same as those for objection to an original term, condition or restriction under § 970.510, except that the period for filing notice of objection will run from the receipt of notice of proposed modification. Public notice of proposed modifications under this section will be made according to § 970.514. On or before the date of publication of public notice, written notice will be provided to the licensee.

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