15 CFR § 971.302 - Denial of certification.

§ 971.302 Denial of certification.

(a) The Administrator may deny certification of an application if the Administrator finds that the requirements of this subpart, or the requirements for issuance or transfer under § 971.403 through § 971.408, have not been met.

(b) When the Administrator proposes to deny certification the Administrator will send to the applicant, via certified mail, return receipt requested, and publish in the Federal Register, written notice of intention to deny certification. The notice will include:

(1) The basis upon which the Administrator proposes to deny certification; and

(2) If the basis for the proposed denial is a deficiency which the Administrator believes the applicant can correct:

(i) The action believed necessary to correct the deficiency; and

(ii) The time within which any correctable deficiency must be corrected (not to exceed 180 days except as specified by the Administrator for good cause).

(c) The Administrator will deny certification:

(1) On the 30th day after the date the notice is received by the applicant, under paragraph (b) of the section, unless before the 30th day the applicant files with the Administrator a written request for an administrative review of the proposed denial; or

(2) On the last day of the period established under paragraph (b)(2)(ii) in which the applicant must correct a deficiency, if that deficiency has not been corrected before that day and an administrative review requested pursuant to paragraph (c)(1) is not pending or in progress.

(d) If a timely request for administrative review of the proposed denial is made by the applicant under paragraph (c)(1) of this section, the Administrator will promptly begin a formal hearing. If the proposed denial is the result of a correctable deficiency, the administrative review will proceed concurrently with any attempts to correct the deficiency, unless the parties agree otherwise or the administrative law judge orders differently.

(e) If the Administrator denies certification, he will send to the applicant written notice of the denial, including the reasons therefor.

(f) Any final determination by the Administrator granting or denying certification is subject to judicial review as provided in chapter 7 of title 5, United States Code.