15 CFR Appendix I to Part 921 - Biogeographic Classification Scheme

Appendix I to Part 921 - Biogeographic Classification Scheme

1. Northern of Maine (Eastport to the Sheepscot River.)

2. Southern Gulf of Maine (Sheepscot River to Cape Cod.)


3. Southern New England (Cape Cod to Sandy Hook.)

4. Middle Atlantic (Sandy Hook to Cape Hatteras.)

5. Chesapeake Bay.


6. North Carolinas (Cape Hatteras to Santee River.)

7. South Atlantic (Santee River to St. John's River.)

8. East Florida (St. John's River to Cape Canaveral.)

West Indian

9. Caribbean (Cape Canaveral to Ft. Jefferson and south.)

10. West Florida (Ft. Jefferson to Cedar Key.)


11. Panhandle Coast (Cedar Key to Mobile Bay.)

12. Mississippi Delta (Mobile Bay to Galveston.)

13. Western Gulf (Galveston to Mexican border.)


14. Southern California (Mexican border to Point Conception.)

15. Central California (Point Conception to Cape Mendocino.)

16. San Francisco Bay.


17. Middle Pacific (Cape Mendocino to the Columbia River.)

18. Washington Coast (Columbia River to Vancouver Island.)

19. Puget Sound.

Great Lakes

20. Lake Superior (including St. Mary's River.)

21. Lakes Michigan and Huron (including Straits of Mackinac, St. Clair River, and Lake St. Clair.)

22. Lake Erie (including Detroit River and Niagara Falls.)

23. Lake Ontario (including St. Lawrence River.)


24. Southern Alaska (Prince of Wales Island to Cook Inlet.)

25. Aleutian Island (Cook Inlet Bristol Bay.)


26. Northern Alaska (Bristol Bay to Damarcation Point.)


27. Hawaiian Islands.

28. Western Pacific Island.

29. Eastern Pacific Island.