15 CFR Appendix Schedule I to Part 700 - Schedule I to Part 700—Approved Programs and Delegate Agencies

Schedule I to Part 700—Approved Programs and Delegate Agencies

The programs listed in this schedule have been approved for priorities support under this part by the Department of Defense, 1 the Department of Energy or the Department of Homeland Security, in accordance with section 202 of Executive Order 13603. They have equal preferential status. The Department of Commerce has authorized the delegate agencies listed in the third column to use this part in support of those programs assigned to them, as indicated below. 2

1 Department of Defense includes: The Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments, the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Defense Agencies, the Defense Field Activities, all other organizational entities in the Department of Defense, and, for purposes of this part, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as associated agencies.

2 The Department of Commerce is also listed as an agency in the third column for programs where its authorization is necessary to place rated orders.

Program identification symbol Approved program Agency(ies)
Defense Programs
A1 Aircraft Department of Defense.
A2 Missiles Department of Defense.
A3 Ships Department of Defense.
A4 Tank—Automotive Department of Defense.
A5 Weapons Department of Defense.
A6 Ammunition Department of Defense.
A7 Electronic and communications equipment Department of Defense.
B1 Military building supplies Department of Defense.
B8 Production equipment (for defense contractor's account) Department of Defense.
B9 Production equipment (Government owned) Department of Defense.
C1 Food resources (combat rations) Department of Defense.
C2 Department of Defense construction Department of Defense.
C3 Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (MRO) for Department of Defense facilities Department of Defense.
C9 Miscellaneous Department of Defense.
Military Assistance to Canada
D1 Canadian military programs Department of Commerce.
D2 Canadian production and construction Department of Commerce.
D3 Canadian atomic energy program Department of Commerce.
Military Assistance to Other Foreign Nations
G1 Certain munitions items purchased by foreign governments through domestic commercial channels for export Department of Commerce.
G2 Certain direct defense needs of foreign governments other than Canada Department of Commerce.
G3 Foreign nations (other than Canada) production and construction Department of Commerce.
Critical Infrastructure Assistance to Foreign Nations
G4 Foreign critical infrastructure programs Department of Commerce.
J1 F-16 Co-Production Program Departments of Commerce and Defense.
Atomic Energy Programs
E1 Construction Department of Energy.
E2 Operations—including maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (MRO) Department of Energy.
E3 Privately owned facilities Department of Energy.
Domestic Energy Programs
F1 Exploration, production, refining, and transportation Department of Energy.
F2 Conservation Department of Energy.
F3 Construction, repair, and maintenance Department of Energy.
Other Defense, Energy, and Related Programs
H1 Certain combined orders (see section 700.17(c)) Department of Commerce.
H5 Private domestic production Department of Commerce.
H6 Private domestic construction Department of Commerce.
H7 Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (MRO) Department of Commerce.
H8 Designated Programs Department of Commerce.
K1 Federal supply items General Services Administration.
Homeland Security Programs
N1 Federal emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery Department of Homeland Security.
N2 State, local, tribal government emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery Department of Homeland Security.
N3 Intelligence and warning systems Department of Homeland Security.
N4 Border and transportation security Department of Homeland Security.
N5 Domestic counter-terrorism, including law enforcement Department of Homeland Security.
N6 Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear countermeasures Department of Homeland Security.
N7 Critical infrastructure protection and restoration Department of Homeland Security.
N8 Miscellaneous Department of Homeland Security.
[79 FR 47572, Aug. 14, 2014]