16 CFR § 1130.4 - Identification on the product.

§ 1130.4 Identification on the product.

(a) Each durable infant or toddler product shall be permanently marked with the manufacturer name, and contact information (U.S. address and telephone number, toll free if available) model name and number, and date of manufacture.

(1) If the manufacturer regularly uses only a model name or a model number, but not both, to identify the product, he/she may provide only the model name or number rather than creating a model name or number for the sole purpose of this part 1130.

(2) If the manufacturer regularly identifies the product by a product identification number (“PIN”) or other similar identifying number rather than a model number, he/she may provide that identifying number instead of a model number.

(3) The date referred to in paragraph (a) of this section shall include the month and year of manufacture and can be stated in code.

(4) A permanent mark is one that can reasonably be expected to remain on the product during the useful life of the product.

(b) The information required by this section shall be in English, legible, and in a location that is conspicuous to the consumer.

(c) The information required by this section may be combined with other information marked on the product.

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