16 CFR § 1130.7 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.

§ 1130.7 Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.

(a) Link to registration page. The manufacturer's Web site, or other Web site established for the purpose of registration under this part 1130, shall be designed with a link clearly identified on the main web page that goes directly to “Product Registration.”

(b) Purpose statement. The registration page shall have the following statement at the top of the page: “PRODUCT REGISTRATION FOR SAFETY ALERT OR RECALL ONLY. We will use the information provided on this page only to contact you if there is a safety alert or recall for this product. We will not sell, rent, or share your personal information. If you register on this Web site you do not need to fill out the card that came with your product.”

(c) Content of registration page. The Web site registration page shall request only the consumer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, product model name and number, and the date of manufacture. The consumer's telephone number and e-mail address shall not be required for the consumer to submit the registration form. No other information shall appear on the electronic registration form, except for identification of the manufacturer or a link to the manufacturer's home page, a field to confirm submission, and a prompt to indicate any incomplete or invalid fields before submission. Accessing the electronic registration form shall not cause additional screens or electronic banners to appear.

(d) Alternative for manufacturers without a Web site. A manufacturer that lacks a Web site shall provide for consumers to register their product through e-mail. Such e-mail addresses shall be set up to provide an automatic reply to confirm receipt of the consumer's registration information.

[74 FR 68676, Dec. 29, 2009. Redesignated at 77 FR 9525, Feb. 17, 2012]

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