16 CFR § 1203.1 - Scope, general requirements, and effective date.

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§ 1203.1 Scope, general requirements, and effective date.

(a) Scope. The standard in this subpart describes test methods and defines minimum performance criteria for all bicycle helmets, as defined in § 1203.4(b).

(b) General requirements—(1) Projections. All projections on bicycle helmets must meet the construction requirements of § 1203.5.

(2) Labeling and instructions. All bicycle helmets must have the labeling and instructions required by § 1203.6.

(3) Performance tests. All bicycle helmets must be capable of meeting the peripheral vision, positional stability, dynamic strength of retention system, and impact-attenuation tests described in §§ 1203.7 through 1203.17.

(4) Units. The values stated in International System of Units (“SI”) measurements are the standard. The inch-pound values stated in parentheses are for information only.

(c) Effective date. The standard shall become effective March 10, 1999 and shall apply to all bicycle helmets manufactured after that date. Bicycle helmets manufactured from March 17, 1995 through March 10, 1999, inclusive, are subject to the requirements of Subpart D, rather than this subpart A.