16 CFR § 1203.16 - Dynamic strength of retention system test.

§ 1203.16 Dynamic strength of retention system test.

(a) Test equipment.

(1) ISO headforms without the lower chin portion shall be used.

(2) The retention system strength test equipment shall consist of a dynamic impact apparatus that allows a 4-kg (8.8-lb) drop weight to slide in a guided free fall to impact a rigid stop anvil (see Figure 8 of this part). Two cylindrical rollers that spin freely, with a diameter of 12.5±0.5 mm (0.49 in.±0.02 in.) and a center-to-center distance of 76.0±1 mm (3.0±0.04 in.), shall make up a stirrup that represents the bone structure of the lower jaw. The entire dynamic test apparatus hangs freely on the retention system. The entire mass of the support assembly, including the 4-kg (8.8-lb) drop weight, shall be 11 kg±0.5 kg (24.2 lb±1.1 lb).

(b) Test procedure.

(1) Place the helmet on the appropriate size headform on the test device according to the HPI. Fasten the strap of the retention system under the stirrup.

(2) Mark the pre-test position of the retention system, with the entire dynamic test apparatus hanging freely on the retention system.

(3) Raise the 4-kg (8.8-lb) drop weight to a height of 0.6 m (2 ft) from the stop anvil and release it, so that it impacts the stop anvil.

(4) Record the maximum elongation of the retention system during the impact. A marker system or a displacement transducer, as shown in Figure 8 of this part, are two methods of measuring the elongation.