16 CFR § 1203.41 - Recordkeeping requirements.

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§ 1203.41 Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) General. Every person issuing certificates of compliance for bicycle helmets subject to the standard in subpart A of this part shall maintain records which show that the certificates are based on a reasonable testing program. The records shall be maintained for a period of at least 3 years from the date of certification of the last bicycle helmet in each production lot. These records shall be available, upon request, to any designated officer or employee of the Commission, in accordance with section 16(b) of the CPSA, 15 U.S.C. 2065(b). If the records are not physically available during the inspection because they are maintained at another location, the firm must provide them to the staff within 48 hours.

(b) Records of helmet tests. Complete test records shall be maintained. These records shall contain the following information.

(1) An identification of the bicycle helmets tested;

(2) An identification of the production lot;

(3) The results of the tests, including the precise nature of any failures;

(4) A description of the specific actions taken to address any failures;

(5) A detailed description of the tests, including the helmet positioning index (HPI) used to define the proper position of the helmet on the headform;

(6) The manufacturer's name and address;

(7) The model and size of each helmet tested;

(8) Identifying information for each helmet tested, including the production lot for each helmet;

(9) The environmental condition under which each helmet was tested, the duration of the helmet's conditioning, the temperatures in each conditioning environment, and the relative humidity and temperature of the laboratory;

(10) The peripheral vision clearance;

(11) A description of any failures to conform to any of the labeling and instruction requirements;

(12) Performance impact results, stating the precise location of impact, type of anvil used, velocity prior to impact, and maximum acceleration measured in g's;

(13) The results of the positional stability test;

(14) The results of the dynamic strength of retention system test;

(15) The name and location of the test laboratory;

(16) The name of the person(s) who performed the test;

(17) The date of the test; and

(18) The system check results.

(c) Format for records. The records required to be maintained by this section may be in any appropriate form or format that clearly provides the required information. Certification test results may be kept on paper, microfiche, computer disk, or other retrievable media. Where records are kept on computer disk or other retrievable media, the records shall be made available to the Commission on paper copies, or via electronic mail in the same format as paper copies, upon request.

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