16 CFR § 1207.9 - Product certification.

§ 1207.9 Product certification.

(a) Certification shall be in accordance with section 14(a)(1) of the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2063(a)(1)).

(b) A certificate shall accompany the swimming pool slide (in the form of a permanent label on the shipping container(s) or in the form of a separate certificate) to all distributors and retailers to whom the material is delivered certifying that the slide conforms to this part 1207. The certificate or permanent label issued under this section shall be based upon either a test of each product or a reasonable testing program, shall state the name of the manufacturer or private labeler issuing the certificate, and shall include the date and place of manufacture.

(c) Any certificate shall be based upon the test procedures and requirements specified in this part 1207.