16 CFR § 1303.3 - Exemptions.

§ 1303.3 Exemptions.

(a) The categories of products listed in paragraph (b) of this section are exempted from the scope of the ban established by this part 1303, provided:

(1) That these products bear on the main panel of their label, in addition to any labeling that may be otherwise required, the signal word “Warning” (unless some other signal word is required) and the following statement: “Contains Lead. Dried Film of This Paint May Be Harmful If Eaten or Chewed.”


(i) That these products also bear on their label the following additional statement or its practical equivalent:

Do not apply on toys and other children's articles, furniture, or interior surfaces of any dwelling or facility which may be occupied or used by children.

Do not apply on exterior surfaces of dwelling units, such as window sills, porches, stairs, or railings, to which children may be commonly exposed.

Keep out of reach of children.

(ii) If the statement required by the preceding paragraph (a)(2)(i) is placed on a label panel other than the main panel, the label statement required to be on the main panel by paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall contain the following additional statement: “See other cautions on ____ (insert ‘side’ or ‘back’, as appropriate) panel.”

(3) That the placement, conspicuousness, and contrast of the label statements required by this section (a) comply with the requirements of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act at 16 CFR 1500.121.

(b) The following products are exempt from the scope of the ban established by this part 1303, provided they comply with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) Agricultural and industrial equipment refinish coatings.

(2) Industrial (and commercial) building and equipment maintenance coatings, including traffic and safety marking coatings.

(3) Graphic art coatings (i.e., products marketed solely for application on billboards, road signs, and similar uses and for identification marking in industrial buildings).

(4) Touchup coatings for agricultural equipment, lawn and garden equipment, and appliances.

(5) Catalyzed coatings marketed solely for use on radio-controlled model powered aircraft.

(c) The following products are exempt from the scope of the ban established by part 1303 (no cautionary labeling is required):

(1) Mirrors which are part of furniture articles to the extent that they bear lead-containing backing paint.

(2) Artists' paints and related materials.

(3) Metal furniture articles (but not metal children's furniture) bearing factory-applied (lead) coatings.

[42 FR 44199, Sept. 1, 1977, as amended at 43 FR 8515, Mar. 2, 1978]