16 CFR § 1501.3 - Exemptions.

§ 1501.3 Exemptions.

The following articles are exempt from this regulation (§§ 1500.18(a)(9) and 1501.4 below):

(a) Balloons;

(b) Books and other articles made of paper;

(c) Writing materials such as crayons, chalk, pencils, and pens;

(d) Children's clothing and accessories, such as shoe lace holders and buttons;

(e) Grooming, feeding, and hygiene products, such as diaper pins and clips, barrettes, toothbrushes, drinking glasses, dishes and eating utensils;

(f) Phonograph records;

(g) Modeling clay and similar products;

(h) Fingerpaints, watercolors, and other paint sets;

(i) Rattles (as defined at 16 CFR 1510.2); and

(j) Pacifiers (as defined at 16 CFR 1511.2(a)).