16 CFR § 1505.1 - Definitions.

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§ 1505.1 Definitions.

(a) The following definitions apply to this part 1505:

(1) The term “electrically operated toy or other electrically operated article intended for use by children” means any toy, game, or other article designed, labeled, advertised, or otherwise intended for use by children which is intended to be powered by electrical current from nominal 120 volt (110-125 v.) branch circuits. Such articles are referred to in this part in various contexts as “toy” or “electrically operated toy.” If the package (including packing materials) of the toy or other article is intended to be used with the product, it is considered to be part of the toy or other article. This definition does not include components which are powered by circuits of 30 volts r.m.s. (42.4 volts peak) or less, articles designed primarily for use by adults which may be used incidentally by children, or video games.

(2) The term video games means video game hardware systems, which are games that both produce a dynamic video image, either on a viewing screen that is part of the video game or, through connecting cables, on a television set, and have some way to control the movement of at least some portion of the video image.

[38 FR 27032, Sept. 27, 1973, as amended at 58 FR 40335, July 28, 1993]