16 CFR § 1633.9 - Glossary of terms.

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§ 1633.9 Glossary of terms.

(a) Absorbent pad. Pad used on top of mattress. Designed to absorb moisture/body fluids thereby reducing skin irritation, can be one time use.

(b) Basket pad. Cushion for use in an infant basket.

(c) Bunk beds. A tier of beds, usually two or three, in a high frame complete with mattresses (see Figure 11 of this part).

(d) Car bed. Portable bed used to carry a baby in an automobile.

(e) Carriage pad. Cushion to go into a baby carriage.

(f) Chaise lounge. An upholstered couch chair or a couch with a chair back. It has a permanent back rest, no arms, and sleeps one (see Figure 11).

(g) Convertible sofa. An upholstered sofa that converts into an adult sized bed. Mattress unfolds out and up from under the seat cushioning (see Figure 11).

(h) Corner groups. Two twin size bedding sets on frames, usually slipcovered, and abutted to a corner table. They also usually have loose bolsters slipcovered (see Figure 11).

(i) Crib bumper. Padded cushion which goes around three or four sides inside a crib to protect the baby. Can also be used in a playpen.

(j) Daybed. Daybed has foundation, usually supported by coil or flat springs, mounted between arms on which mattress is placed. It has permanent arms, no backrest, and sleeps one (see Figure 11).

(k) Dressing table pad. Pad to cushion a baby on top of a dressing table.

(l) Drop-arm loveseat. When side arms are in vertical position, this piece is a loveseat. The adjustable arms can be lowered to one of four positions for a chaise lounge effect or a single sleeper. The vertical back support always remains upright and stationary (see Figure 11).

(m) Futon. A flexible mattress generally used on the floor that can be folded or rolled up for storage. It usually consists of resilient material covered by ticking.

(n) High riser. This is a frame of sofa seating height with two equal size mattresses without a backrest. The frame slides out with the lower mattress and rises to form a double or two single beds (see Figure 11).

(o) Infant carrier and lounge pad. Pad to cushion a baby in an infant carrier.

(p) Mattress foundation. This is a ticking covered structure used to support a mattress or sleep surface. The structure may include constructed frames, foam, box springs or other materials used alone or in combination.

(q) Murphy bed. A style of sleep system where the mattress and foundation are fastened to the wall and provide a means to retract or rotate the bed assembly into the wall to release more floor area for other uses.

(r) Pillow. Cloth bag filled with resilient material such as feathers, down, sponge rubber, urethane, or fiber used as the support for the head of a person.

(s) Playpen pad. Cushion used on the bottom of a playpen.

(t) Portable crib. Smaller size than a conventional crib. Can usually be converted into a playpen.

(u) Quilted means stitched with thread or by fusion through the ticking and one or more layers of material.

(v) Roll-away-bed. Portable bed which has frame that folds with the mattress for compact storage.

(w) Sleep lounge. Upholstered seating section which is mounted on a frame. May have bolster pillows along the wall as backrests or may have attached headrests (see Figure 11).

(x) Stroller pad. Cushion used in a baby stroller.

(y) Sofa bed. These are pieces in which the back of the sofa swings down flat with the seat to form the sleeping surface. Some sofa beds have bedding boxes for storage of bedding. There are two types: the one-piece, where the back and seat are upholstered as a unit, supplying an unbroken sleeping surface; and the two-piece, where back and seat are upholstered separately (see Figure 11 of this part).

(z) Sofa lounge—(includes glideouts). Upholstered seating section is mounted on springs and in a frame that permit it to be pulled out for sleeping. Has upholstered backrest bedding box that is hinged. Glideouts are single sleepers with sloping seats and backrests. Seat pulls out from beneath back and evens up to supply level sleeping surface (see Figure 11).

(aa) Studio couch. Consists of upholstered seating section on upholstered foundation. Many types convert to twin beds (see Figure 11).

(bb) Studio divan. Twin size upholstered seating section with foundation is mounted on metal bed frame. Has no arms or backrest, and sleeps one (see Figure 11 of this part).

(cc) Trundle bed. A low bed which is rolled under a larger bed. In some lines, the lower bed springs up to form a double or two single beds as in a high riser (see Figure 11).

(dd) Tufted means buttoned or laced through the ticking and upholstery material and/or core, or having the ticking and loft material and/or core drawn together at intervals by any other method which produces a series of depressions on the surface.

(ee) Twin studio divan. Frames which glide out (but not up) and use seat cushions, in addition to upholstered foundation to sleep two. Has neither arms nor back rest (see Figure 11).

(ff) Flip or sleeper chair. Chair that unfolds to be used for sleeping, typically has several connecting fabric covered, solid foam core segments.