16 CFR § 1750.1 - Definitions.

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§ 1750.1 Definitions.

As used in this part:

(a) Act means the Refrigerator Safety Act (Pub. L. 84-930, 70 Stat. 953; 15 U.S.C. 1211-14), enacted August 2, 1956.

(b) Commission means the Consumer Product Safety Commission established by the Consumer Product Safety Act (Pub. L. 92-573, sec. 4, 86 Stat. 1210; 15 U.S.C. 2053).

(c) Device means the mechanism or the means provided for enabling the doors of household refrigerators to be opened from the inside.

(d) Effective date means the date under the provisions of the act after which all household refrigerators manufactured and introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce must comply with this standard. This date is October 30, 1958.

(e) Household refrigerator means a cabinet or any part of a cabinet designed for the storage of food at temperatures above 0 °C. (32 °F.), having a source of refrigeration, and intended for household use.

(f) Opened as applied to a refrigerator door means to effect release of the latching mechanism so that a trapped child would have to apply little or no further effort in order to escape.

(g) Shelving means any shelf, basket, drawer, or baffle which can be readily removed from the refrigerator without the use of tools.