16 CFR § 300.11 - Improper methods of labeling.

§ 300.11 Improper methods of labeling.

The stamp, tag, label, or other mark of identification required under the act, or the required information contained therein, shall not be minimized, rendered obscure or inconspicuous, or be so placed as likely to be unnoticed or unseen by purchasers and purchaser-consumers when the product is offered or displayed for sale or sold to purchasers or the consuming public, by reason of, among others:

(a) Small or indistinct type.

(b) Failure to use letters and numerals of equal size and conspicuousness in naming all fibers and percentages of such fibers as required by the act.

(c) Insufficient background contrast.

(d) Crowding, intermingling, or obscuring with designs, vignettes, or other written, printed or graphic matter.