16 CFR § 303.8 - Procedure for establishing generic names for manufactured fibers.

§ 303.8 Procedure for establishing generic names for manufactured fibers.

(a) Prior to the marketing or handling of a manufactured fiber for which no generic name has been established or otherwise recognized by the Commission, the manufacturer or producer thereof shall file a written application with the Commission, requesting the establishment of a generic name for such fiber, stating therein:

(1) The reasons why the applicant's fiber should not be identified by one of the generic names established by the Commission in § 303.7 of this part;

(2) The chemical composition of the fiber, including the fiber-forming substances and respective percentages thereof, together with samples of the fiber;

(3) Suggested names for consideration as generic, together with a proposed definition for the fiber;

(4) Any other information deemed by the applicant to be pertinent to the application, including technical data in the form of test methods;

(5) The earliest date on which the application proposes to market or handle the fiber in commerce for other than developmental or testing purposes.

(b) Upon receipt of the application, the Commission will, within sixty (60) days, either deny the application or assign to the fiber a numerical or alphabetical symbol for temporary use during further consideration of such application.

(c) After taking the necessary procedure in consideration of the application, the Commission in due course shall establish a generic name or advise the applicant of its refusal to grant the application and designate the proper existing generic name for the fiber.

[24 FR 4480, June 2, 1959, as amended at 63 FR 7518, Feb. 13, 1998]