17 CFR § 210.12-28 - Real estate and accumulated depreciation. 1

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§ 210.12-28 Real estate and accumulated depreciation. 1

[For Certain Real Estate Companies]

Column A—Description 2 Column B—Encumbrances Column C—Initial cost to company Column D—Cost capitalized subsequent to acquisition Column E—Gross amount of which carried at close of period 3 4 5 6 7 Column F—Accumulated depreciation Column G—Date of construction Column H—Date acquired Column I—Life on which depreciation in latest statements of comprehensive income is computed
Land Buildings and improvements Improvements Carrying costs Land Buildings and improvements Total

1 All money columns shall be totaled.

2 The description for each property should include type of property (e.g., unimproved land, shopping center, garden apartments, etc.) and the geographical location.

3 The required information is to be given as to each individual investment included in column E except that an amount not exceeding 5 percent of the total of column E may be listed in one amount as “miscellaneous investments.”

4 In a note to this schedule, furnish a reconciliation, in the following form, of the total amount at which real estate was carried at the beginning of each period for which statements of comprehensive income are required, with the total amount shown in column E:

Balance at beginning of period $
Additions during period:
Acquisitions through foreclosure $
Other acquisitions
Improvements, etc
Other (describe) $
Deductions during period:
Cost of real estate sold $
Other (describe)
Balance at close of period $

If additions, except acquisitions through foreclosure, represent other than cash expenditures, explain. If any of the changes during the period result from transactions, directly or indirectly with affiliates, explain the bases of such transactions and state the amounts involved.

A similar reconciliation shall be furnished for the accumulated depreciation.

5 If any item of real estate investments has been written down or reserved against, describe the item and explain the basis for the write-down or reserve.

6 State in a note to column E the aggregate cost for Federal income tax purposes.

7 The amount of all intercompany profits included in the total of column E shall be stated if material.

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