17 CFR 232.311 - Documents submitted in paper under cover of Form SE.

§ 232.311 Documents submitted in paper under cover of Form SE.

Form SE (§§ 239.64, 249.444, 259.603, 269.8, and 274.403 of this chapter) shall be filed as a paper cover sheet to the following documents submitted to the Commission in paper:

(a) Exhibits filed in paper pursuant to a hardship exemption shall be filed under cover of Form SE. See Rules 201 and 202 of Regulation S-T ( §§ 232.201 and 232.202).

(b) Exhibits to a Commission schedule filed pursuant to Section 13 or 14(d) of the Exchange Act may be filed in paper under cover of Form SE where such exhibits previously were filed in paper (prior to a registrant's becoming subject to mandated electronic filing or pursuant to a hardship exemption) and are required to be refiled pursuant to the schedule's general instructions.

(c) A party may submit a copy of an unabridged foreign language document in paper under cover of Form SE if the electronic filing or submission includes an English summary or English translation of the foreign language document in accordance with § 232.306(b) or if permitted by the applicable form.

(d) A foreign government or political subdivision that is not filing in electronic format an English translation of its latest annual budget submitted as Exhibit B to Form 18 ( § 249.218 of this chapter) or Exhibit (c) to Form 18-K ( § 249.318 of this chapter) must file a copy of the foreign language version of its latest annual budget in paper under cover of Form SE in accordance with § 232.306(c) of this chapter.

(e) The Form SE shall be submitted in the following manner:

(1) If the subject of a temporary hardship exemption is an exhibit only, the filer must file the exhibit and a Form TH (§§ 239.65, 249.447, 269.10, and 274.404 of this chapter) under cover of Form SE (§§ 239.64, 249.444, 269.8, and 274.403 of this chapter) no later than one business day after the date the exhibit was to be filed electronically.

(2) An exhibit filed pursuant to a continuing hardship exemption, or any other document filed in paper under cover of Form SE (other than an exhibit filed pursuant to a temporary hardship exemption), as allowed by paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section, may be filed up to six business days prior to, or on the date of filing of, the electronic format document to which it relates but shall not be filed after such filing date. If a paper document is submitted in this manner, requirements that the document be filed with, provided with or accompany the electronic filing shall be satisfied.

(f) Any requirements as to delivery or furnishing the information to persons other than the Commission shall not be affected by this section.

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