18 CFR § 1302.2 - Application of this part.

§ 1302.2 Application of this part.

This part applies to any program for which financial assistance is provided by TVA. The types of Federal financial assistance to which this part applies are listed in appendix A of this part. Financial assistance, as used in this part, includes the grant or loan of money; the donation of real or personal property; the sale, lease, or license of real or personal property for a consideration which is nominal or reduced for the purpose of assisting the recipient; the waiver of charges which would normally be made, in order to assist the recipient; the entry into a contract where a purpose is to give financial assistance to the contracting party; and similar transactions. This part does not apply to:

(a) Any financial assistance by way of insurance or guaranty contracts,

(b) Money paid, property transferred, or other assistance extended before the effective date of this part,

(c) Any assistance to any individual who is the ultimate beneficiary, or

(d) Any employment practice, under any such program, of any employer, employment agency, or labor organization, unless such practice exists in a program where a primary objective of the TVA financial assistance is to provide employment; or where such practice subjects persons to discrimination in the provision of services and benefits on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in a program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance from TVA.

The fact that a type of Federal financial assistance is not listed in appendix A shall not mean, if Title VI of the Act is otherwise applicable, that a program is not covered. Other types of Federal financial assistance may be added to this list by notice published in the Federal Register.
[30 FR 311, Jan. 9, 1965. Redesignated at 44 FR 30682, May 29, 1979, and amended at 49 FR 20481, May 15, 1984; 68 FR 51355, Aug. 26, 2003]