18 CFR § 141.300 - FERC Form No. 715, Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report.

§ 141.300 FERC Form No. 715, Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report.

(a) Who must file. Any transmitting utility, as defined in § 3(23) of the Federal Power Act, that operates integrated (that is, non-radial) transmission facilities at or above 100 kilovolts must complete FERC Form No. 715.

(b) When to file. FERC Form No. 715 must be filed on or before each April 1.

(c) What to file. FERC Form No. 715 must be filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in accordance with the instructions on that form.

(d) Critical Energy Infrastructure Information.

(1) If the instructions in Form No. 715 require a utility to reveal Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII), as defined in § 388.113(c) of this chapter, to any person, the utility shall omit the CEII from the information made available and insert the following in its place:

(i) A statement that CEII is being withheld;

(ii) A brief description of the omitted information that does not reveal any CEII; and

(iii) This statement: “Procedures for obtaining access to Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) may be found at 18 CFR 388.113. Requests for access to CEII should be made to the Commission's CEII Coordinator.”

(2) The utility completing Form No. 715, in determining whether information constitutes CEII, shall treat the information in a manner consistent with any filings that utility has made with the Commission and shall to the extent practicable adhere to any previous determinations by the Commission or the CEII Coordinator involving the same or like information.

(3) The procedures contained in §§ 388.112 and 388.113 of this chapter regarding designation of, and access to, CEII, shall apply in the event of a challenge to a CEII designation or a request for access to CEII. If it is determined that information is not CEII or that a requester should be granted access to CEII, the utility will be directed to make the information available to the requester.

(4) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any persons from voluntarily reaching arrangements or agreements calling for the disclosure of CEII.

[58 FR 52436, Oct. 8, 1993, as amended by Order 643, 68 FR 52095, Sept. 2, 2003]