18 CFR § 157.10 - Interventions and protests.

§ 157.10 Interventions and protests.

(a) Notices of applications, as provided by § 157.9, will fix the time within which any person desiring to participate in the proceeding may file a petition to intervene, and within which any interested regulatory agency, as provided by § 385.214 of this chapter, desiring to intervene may file its notice of intervention.

(1) Any person filing a petition to intervene or notice of intervention shall state specifically whether he seeks formal hearing on the application.

(2) Any person may file to intervene on environmental grounds based on the draft environmental impact statement as stated at § 380.10(a)(1)(i) of this chapter. In accordance with that section, such intervention will be deemed timely as long as it is filed within the comment period for the draft environmental impact statement.

(3) Failure to make timely filing will constitute grounds for denial of participation in the absence of extraordinary circumstances or good cause shown.

(4) Protests may be filed in accordance with § 385.211 of this chapter within the time permitted by any person who does not seek to participate in the proceeding.

(b) A copy of each application, supplement and amendment thereto, including exhibits required by §§ 157.14, 157.16, and 157.18, shall upon request be promptly supplied by the applicant to anyone who has filed a petition for leave to intervene or given notice of intervention.

(1) An applicant is not required to serve voluminous or difficult to reproduce material, such as copies of certain environmental information, to all parties, as long as such material is publicly available in an accessible central location in each county throughout the project area.

(2) An applicant shall make a good faith effort to place the materials in a public location that provides maximum accessibility to the public.

(c) Complete copies of the application must be available in accessible central locations in each county throughout the project area, either in paper or electronic format, within three business days of the date a filing is issued a docket number. Within five business days of receiving a request for a complete copy from any party, the applicant must serve a full copy of any filing on the requesting party. Such copy may exclude voluminous or difficult to reproduce material that is publicly available. Pipelines must keep all voluminous material on file with the Commission and make such information available for inspection at buildings with public access preferably with evening and weekend business hours, such as libraries located in central locations in each county throughout the project area.

(d) Critical Energy Infrastructure Information.

(1) If this section requires an applicant to reveal Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII), as defined in § 388.113(c) of this chapter, to the public, the applicant shall omit the CEII from the information made available and insert the following in its place:

(i) A statement that CEII is being withheld;

(ii) A brief description of the omitted information that does not reveal any CEII; and

(iii) This statement: “Procedures for obtaining access to Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) may be found at 18 CFR 388.113. Requests for access to CEII should be made to the Commission's CEII Coordinator.”

(2) The applicant, in determining whether information constitutes CEII, shall treat the information in a manner consistent with any filings that applicant has made with the Commission and shall to the extent practicable adhere to any previous determinations by the Commission or the CEII Coordinator involving the same or like information.

(3) The procedures contained in §§ 388.112 and 388.113 of this chapter regarding designation of, and access to, CEII, shall apply in the event of a challenge to a CEII designation or a request for access to CEII. If it is determined that information is not CEII or that a requester should be granted access to CEII, the applicant will be directed to make the information available to the requester.

(4) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any persons from voluntarily reaching arrangements or agreements calling for the disclosure of CEII.

[Order 603-A, 64 FR 54536, Oct. 7, 1999, as amended by Order 643, 68 FR 52095, Sept. 2, 2003]