18 CFR § 157.217 - Changes in rate schedules.

§ 157.217 Changes in rate schedules.

(a) Automatic authorization. The certificate holder is authorized to permit an existing customer, at the customer's request, to change from part 157 individually certificated transportation or storage service to part 284 transportation or storage service, and to abandon the part 157 service, if:

(1) The combined volumetric limitations on deliveries to the customer under both rate schedules are not increased, for either annual or peak day limitations;

(2) The conversion will reflect all the maximum rates and charges associated with the service;

(3) The changes are consistent with the terms of the effective tariffs on file with the Commission. The certificate holder is granted a limited waiver of its tariff requiring posting of available capacity.

(4) The certificate holder shall make a filing to reflect removal of the part 157 rate schedule from its tariff. This tariff filing must be filed in the electronic format required by § 154.4 of this chapter.

(b) Reporting requirements. In the annual report for any year in which the certificate holder has permitted an existing customer to change from one rate schedule to another pursuant to this section, the certificate holder shall state:

(1) The name of the customer;

(2) The rate schedules and associated rates involved; and

(3) The effective date of the change.

[Order 234, 47 FR 24266, June 4, 1982, as amended by Order 603, 64 FR 26609, May 14, 1999; Order 603-A, 64 FR 54537, Oct. 7, 1999; Order 714, 73 FR 57535, Oct. 3, 2008]

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