18 CFR § 260.2 - FERC Form No. 2-A, Annual report for Nonmajor natural gas companies.

§ 260.2 FERC Form No. 2-A, Annual report for Nonmajor natural gas companies.

(a) Prescription. The form of Annual Report for Nonmajor Natural Gas Companies, designated herein as FERC Form No. 2 - A, is prescribed.

(b) Filing requirements. Each natural gas company, as defined by the Natural Gas Act, not meeting the filing threshold for FERC Form No. 2, but having total gas sales or volume transactions exceeding 200,000 Dth in each of the three previous calendar years, must prepare and file with the Commission, as follows:

(1) The annual report for the year ending December 2004 must be filed on April 25, 2005.

(2) The annual report for each year thereafter must be filed on April 18 of the subsequent year.

(3) Newly established entities must use projected data to determine whether FERC Form No. 2-A must be filed.

(4) The form must be filed in electronic format only, as indicated in the General Instructions set out in that form. The format for the electronic filing can be obtained at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Division of Information Services, Public Reference and Files Maintenance Branch, Washington, DC 20426. One copy of the report must be retained by the respondent in its files.

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