18 CFR § 281.304 - Computation of alternative fuel volume.

§ 281.304 Computation of alternative fuel volume.

(a) General rule. For purposes of § 281.208(b)(1)(i)(B), and § 281.305:

(1) Alternative fuel volume of an essential agricultural user is equal to the sum of the alternative fuel volumes for each agricultural use establishment for which such user has requested from any direct supplier priority 2 entitlements in excess of 300 Mcf.

(2) Alternative fuel volume for an agricultural use establishment is that portion of such establishment's natural gas requirements for which such establishment has requested priority 2 curtailment and for which the establishment had on August 29, 1979, or thereafter, the ability to use alternative fuel.

(b) New boilers. For purposes of § 281.208(b)(1)(i)(B) and § 281.305: any new boiler of an essential agricultural use establishment shall be deemed to have alternative fuel volumes, if the boiler:

(1) Has a capacity in excess of 300 Mcf of natural gas per day;

(2) Is put into service for the first time after August 29, 1979; and

(3) Is not a diesel engine or turbine designed to use distillate fuels as the only substitute for natural gas.

[44 FR 62490, Oct. 31, 1979, as amended by Order 55-B, 45 FR 54740, July 18, 1980]

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