18 CFR § 284.126 - Reporting requirements.

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§ 284.126 Reporting requirements.

(a) Notice of bypass. An intrastate pipeline that provides transportation (except storage) under § 284.122 to a customer that is located in the service area of a local distribution company and will not be delivering the customer's gas to that local distribution company, must file with the Commission within thirty days after commencing such transportation, a statement that the interstate pipeline has notified the local distribution and the local distribution company's appropriate state regulatory agency in writing of the proposed transportation prior to commencement.

(b) Form No. 549D, Quarterly Transportation and Storage Report of Intrastate Natural Gas and Hinshaw Pipelines.

(1) Each intrastate pipeline must use Form No. 549D to file a quarterly report with the Commission and the appropriate state regulatory agency that contains, for each transportation and storage service provided during the preceding calendar quarter under § 284.122, the following information on each transaction, aggregated by contract:

(i) The full legal name, and identification number, of the shipper receiving the service, including whether there is an affiliate relationship between the pipeline and the shipper;

(ii) The type of service performed (i.e., firm or interruptible transportation, storage, or other service);

(iii) The rate charged under each contract, specifying the rate schedule/name of service and docket where the rates were approved. The report should separately state each rate component set forth in the contract (i.e., reservation, usage, and any other charges);

(iv) The primary receipt and delivery points covered by the contract, identified by the list of points that the pipeline has published with the Commission;

(v) The quantity of natural gas the shipper is entitled to transport, store, or deliver under each contract;

(vi) The duration of the contract, specifying the beginning and (for firm contracts only) ending month and year of the current agreement;

(vii) Total volumes transported, stored, injected or withdrawn for the shipper; and

(viii) Annual revenues received for each shipper, excluding revenues from storage services. The report should separately state revenues received under each component, and need only be reported every fourth quarter.

(2) The quarterly Form No. 549D report for the period January 1 through March 31 must be filed on or before June 1. The quarterly report for the period April 1 through June 30 must be filed on or before September 1. The quarterly report for the period July 1 through September 30 must be filed on or before December 1. The quarterly report for the period October 1 through December 31 must be filed on or before March 1.

(3) Each Form No. 549D report must be filed as prescribed in § 385.2011 of this chapter as indicated in the General Instructions and Data Dictionary set out in the quarterly reporting form. Each report must be prepared and filed in conformance with the Commission's software or XML Schema, eTariff filing structure, and reporting guidance, so as to be posted and available for downloading from the FERC Web site (http://www.ferc.gov). One copy of the report must be retained by the respondent in its files.

(4) Intrastate pipelines filing Form No. 549D are no longer required to file Form No. 549 - Intrastate Pipeline Annual Transportation Report after their March 31, 2011 filing.

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