18 CFR § 367.1230 - Account 123, Investment in associate companies.

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§ 367.1230 Account 123, Investment in associate companies.

(a) This account must include the book cost of investments in securities issued or assumed by associate companies and investment advances to the companies, including related accrued interest when the interest is not subject to current settlement, provided that the investment does not relate to a subsidiary company. (If the investment relates to a subsidiary company, it must be included in account 123.1, Investment in subsidiary companies (§ 367.1231).) Include in this account the offsetting entry to the recording of amortization of discount or premium on interest bearing investments. (See account 419, Interest and dividend income (§ 367.4190).)

(b) This account must be maintained in a manner so as to show the investment in securities of, and advances to, each associate company together with full particulars regarding any of the investments that are pledged.

(c) Securities and advances of associate companies owned and pledged must be included in this account, but the securities, if held in special deposits or in special funds, must be included in the appropriate deposit or fund account. A complete record of securities pledged must be maintained.

(d) Securities of associate companies held as temporary cash investments are includible in account 136, Temporary cash investments (§ 367.1360).

(e) Balances in open accounts with associate companies that are subject to current settlement are includible in account 146, Accounts receivable from associate companies (§ 367.1460).

(f) The service company must write down the cost of any security in recognition of a decline in the related value. Securities must be written off or written down to a nominal value if there is no reasonable prospect of substantial value. Fluctuations in market value must not be recorded but a permanent impairment in the value of securities must be recognized in the accounts. When securities are written off or written down, the amount of the adjustment must be charged to account 426.5, Other deductions (§ 367.4265), or to an appropriate account for accumulated provisions for loss in value established as a separate subdivision of this account.

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