18 CFR § 385.2005 - Subscription and verification (Rule 2005).

§ 385.2005 Subscription and verification (Rule 2005).

(a) Subscription.

(1) Any filing with the Commission must be signed.

(2) The signature on a filing constitutes a certificate that:

(i) The signer has read the filing signed and knows its contents;

(ii) The contents are true as stated, to the best knowledge and belief of the signer; and

(iii) The signer possesses full power and authority to sign the filing.

(3) A filing must be signed by:

(i) The person on behalf of whom the filing is made;

(ii) Any officer of the corporation, trust, association, or other organized group, on behalf of which the filing is made;

(iii) Any officer, agent, or employee of the governmental authority, agency, or instrumentality on behalf of which the filing is made; or

(iv) A representative qualified to practice before the Commission under Rule 2101 who possesses authority to sign.

(4) The signer of any filing may be required to submit evidence of authority to sign the filing.

(b) Verification.

(1) The facts alleged in any filing need not be verified, unless verification is required by statute, rule, or order.

(2) If verification of any filing is required, the verification must be under oath by a person having knowledge of the matters set forth in the filing. If any verification is made by a person other than the signer, a statement must be attached to the verification explaining why a person other than the signer provides verification.

(3) Any requirement that a filing include or be supported by a sworn declaration, verification, certificate, statement, oath, or affidavit may be satisfied by compliance with the provisions of 28 U.S.C. 1746, provided that the filer, or an authorized representative of the filer, maintains a copy of the document bearing an original, physical signature until after such time as all administrative and judicial proceedings in the relevant matter are closed and all deadlines for further administrative or judicial review have passed.

(c) Electronic signature. In the case of any document filed in electronic form under the provisions of this Chapter, the typed characters representing the name of a person shall be sufficient to show that such person has signed the document for purposes of this section.

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