18 CFR § 385.216 - Withdrawal of pleadings (Rule 216).

§ 385.216 Withdrawal of pleadings (Rule 216).

(a) Filing. Any person that filed a pleading may seek to withdraw it by filing a notice of withdrawal. The procedures provided in this section do not apply to withdrawals of tariff or rate filings, which may be withdrawn only as provided in the regulations under this chapter.

(b) Action on withdrawals.

(1) The withdrawal of any pleading is effective at the end of 15 days from the date of filing of a notice of withdrawal, if no motion in opposition to the notice of withdrawal is filed within that period and the decisional authority does not issue an order disallowing the withdrawal within that period. The decisional authority may disallow, for a good cause, all or part of a withdrawal.

(2) If a motion in opposition to a notice of withdrawal is filed within the 15 day period, the withdrawal is not effective until the decisional authority issues an order accepting the withdrawal.

(c) Conditional withdrawal. In order to prevent prejudice to other participants, a decisional authority may, on motion or otherwise, condition the withdrawal of any pleading upon a requirement that the withdrawing person leave material in the record or otherwise make material available to other participants.

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