18 CFR § 385.408 - Admissions (Rule 408).

§ 385.408 Admissions (Rule 408).

(a) General rule. A participant may serve upon any other participant a written request for admission of the genuineness of any document or the truth of any matter of fact. The request must be served upon all participants.

(b) Procedures.

(1) Any request for admission of the genuineness of a document must be accompanied by a legible copy of the document, unless it was previously furnished, is in the possession of the recipient of the request, or is readily available for inspection and copying.

(2) The truth of specified matters of fact or the genuineness of the documents described in a request are deemed admitted unless, within 20 days after service of the request or any longer period designated in the request, the participant that receives the request serves upon the requesting participant a written answer or objection addressed to the matters in the request.

(3) An answer must specifically admit or deny the truth of the matters in the request or set forth in detail the reasons why the answering participant cannot admit or deny the truth of each matter. A denial of the truthfulness of the requested admission must fairly discuss the substance of the requested admission and, when good faith requires that a participant qualify the answer or deny only a part of the matter of which an admission is requested, the participant must specify that which is true and qualify or deny the remainder. The answer must be served on all participants.

(c) Effect of admission. Any admission made by a participant under this section is for the purpose of the pending proceeding only, is not an admission for any other purpose, and may not be used against the participant in any other proceeding. Any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the presiding officer, on motion, permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission. The presiding officer may permit withdrawal or amendment of an admission, if the presiding officer finds that the presentation of the merits of the proceeding will be promoted and the participant who obtained the admission has failed to satisfy the presiding officer that withdrawal or amendment of the admission will prejudice that participant in maintaining his position in the proceeding.

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